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Or send check or M/O to:


Bunduki Publishing

39384 CR 19

Ft. Collins, CO 80524-9038


Sorry, we are not able to take phone orders.  Thank you for your understanding.


Due to an error at the printer - YOU SAVE! We are sold out of first quality books.


Due to an error at the printer, we have a limited number of the Second Edition of Building Double Rifles On Shotgun Actions that are what we consider "second quality".  All of the technical information in these books is fine, as are most of the pictures.  Approximately 25% of pictures are distorted in some fashion - mostly the barrels on rifles in some pictures look bent, they also appear more "grainy" than they should.  All of the pictures that describe various details of work being done are usable, some just look a little "odd".  While the information is complete and just as good, we could not in clear conscience, sell these as first quality books - we loose - you save.  This is a very good way to pick up a copy this great book at a significant savings or get second copy as a "shop copy".


Click on the links below for examples of the bad pictures.

Photo 1                       Photo 2


These books are sold "AS IS" and are "Non-Refundable", they come without dust jackets or signing and

will be stamped: "SECOND QUALITY, Sold "as is", No Refunds"


Within the United States

Building Double Rifles On Shotgun Actions (Second): 34.95 + 5.00 S&H

Item: #008 

Outside the United States

Building Double Rifles On Shotgun Actions (Second): 34.95 + 40.00 S&H

Item: #009


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