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Building your own double rifle...?

To own a double rifle was always the author's dream. This completely illustrated book tells you how he built his own double rifles using shotgun actions.

Have you ever thought about building your own double rifle? This book describes how the author has built his own double rifles and extra sets of barrels on shotgun actions.

This book covers such topics as:

• Action Criteria: What to look for in an action that is to be used for a double rifle and determining what cartridge(s) can be used on a given action.

• Building Monoblocks: How to create a monoblock from an existing set of barrels, building a one piece monoblock from scratch, and building two piece monoblocks.

• Proofing Techniques: Building a proofing fixture and how the author goes about proofing a set of barrels once they are started.

• Regulation: Learn the secrets of regulation. It's not all the "black magic" that it is made out to be, but it is still more of an art than a science. The author explains what regulation is and isn't, and offers his proven method of regulating double rifles so that both barrels shoot to the same point of impact.

• And much, much more!


Over 300 photographs and illustrations!