Guns for Sale

These guns are offered here for Ellis Brown due to their suitability as a starting point for a double rifle project.  PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT BUNDUKI PUBLISHING concerning these arms.  Contact Ellis Brown at:

All firearms listed require an FFL.  Shipping within the USA only.  Add $15.00 S&H (additional shipping required for Alaska & Hawaii).  Shipped via USPS unless directed otherwise.

German BSW, scolloped BL, 12 bore, 2 3/4", Ext., PG, DT, SPL forend, Greener crossbolt, sling mounts, 14 1/4" LOP to plastic butt.  Deeley & Edge style forend catch (pull down lever), horn trigger guard (broken at tail), light rolled engraving, and has "loaded" indicators.  Semi PG on nice plain European walnut stock with a cheek piece and good checkering  This gun has a bulge in the right barrel and a ring in the left, therefore, the barrels could be cut ahead of the chambers and the breech used a monoblock. Tight.  This gun is slated for a future project if not sold, price will go up as work starts to progress.  $275.00 SOLD Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3 Photo 4 Photo 5
Belgium, Modell "Toreador" - F and Hanquet, Scolloped BL, 12 Bore, 2 3/4",  28 1/4" brls, ext., DT, side clips, Greener crossbolt and hidden 3rd fastener, cocking indicators, sling mounts, 14 1/4" LOP to chipped horn butt, fluted horn grip cap, cheek piece, plain European walnut, smooth checkering, SPL forend with Anson style catch (push button) but "finial" is missing. Nice "typical" German stamped engraving.  Good bores, tight and a good shooter as is.  $300.00 SOLD Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3 Photo 4 Photo 5
German GECO, scolloped BLE, 12 bore, 2 3/4", 30" brls, SPL, DT, SPG, side clips, Greener crossbolt, steel trigger guard, 14 1/4" LOP to chipped horn butt, cheek piece, smooth checkering, Anson (push button) forend catch, sling mounts, border line engraving. Bores are dark but shootable, tight.  $350.00 SOLD Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3 Photo 4 Photo 5